The Spirit-Nature Connection

When I think about the core of who I am, my inner connection with nature is inseparable from my understanding of myself.  I simply do not exist in any capacity which would be considered separate, or a part from, the natural world.  It makes good sense if you think about it.  Human beings are only one of millions of being types on our planet and even beyond.  We are nature, just as a deer or a tree, or even the sun.  We are not separate.  It’s essential to look down and appreciate that we are to the earth as waves are to the ocean.  The illusion of separateness only fosters disconnection, depression, emptiness, and apathy.  Furthermore, when this illusion reaches the ego, the narcissistic assumption of superiority can cause even the kindest of hearts to turn its back on the needs of the world.  We are only one flower in an ongoing cycle of life. Eckhart Tolle says “Life is the dancer and you are the dance.” I love this quote because it puts me in my place when I start feeling like I’m the main event. I have no inherent talent or wisdom that is not available to any other human. Just because life is dancing through me, it does not make me a dancer, it simply makes me alive. Being alive is the greatest gift! It is, after all, the whole reason we’re here.

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